Reliable Pressings, your industrial pressings and manufacturing partner.

What Reliable Pressings does - our lines of business.

Reliable Pressings is a key player in specialist industry pressing operations in South Africa and caters to all non-standard fabrication needs. We have five lines of business:

What Reliable Pressings is known for.

We have decades of experience providing industrial pressings and manufacturing solutions to clients across many industries, both locally and internationally. This is indeed an instance where a picture says a thousand words. If you visit our image gallery, you will find examples of the wide application of our pressing and deep draw solutions. But pictures don't give the whole story...

What Reliable Pressings is Loved for!

Our areas of Speciality, and deepest Competence, said another way, this is where we add the greatest value, compete most successfully and have the greatest satisfaction. This is a direct result of what we consider our strengths .... firstly, after 40 years we remain an owner managed business, the incentives we have are very different to those (disincentives) of professional managers making decisions at larger competitors. This difference in risk appetite has enabled, unconsciously initially, a key differentiator for us, and that is a willingness to take on that which really is a challenge, that which others baulk at. That which is unusual. That which might keep you awake a few nights. But isn't this exactly when our clients need us most? .... then secondly, there is the advantage of our size, small is truly beautiful. Being small allows us to be incredibly responsive when it matters most, when there is a crisis, when the unforeseen has occured, when risk is at hand, when the application of insight and knowledge is required.

We are confident and have proven our worth in the face of the most prestigious global competitors, especially in these following scenarios:

Customers differ, we value them all

The profile of our customers ranges enormously, from large multi-nationals to sole propietors and hobbyists, working on multi-million dollar engineering projects to simple prototypes, often engineers kmowing exactly what they need to others wanting to understand what is possible, all with different sets of demands and pressures upon them. We are always here to help, and always strive to add superior value.

  1. You have a sick child at home, you have never heard of this thing called a Belleville Washer, your boss is putting you under enormous pressure, isn't it so much more pleasant to deal with people who are both professional, competent, and pleasant?
  2. You are the design engineer at a strategic supplier to one of the world's leading manufacturers of construction and mining equipment, finding yourself in a predicament. The new TLB braking system due for trials at a large mining organisation within 8 weeks, requires disc springs that do not conform to any of the standard commercially available sizes and characteristic load curves. The Europeans will not commit to a delivery time line less than 4 months, whilst the Americans will not consider anything less than their MOQ.
  3. You are an aeronautical engineer design a prototype for a gas turbine engine, you might need thousands one day, but for your prototype you only need 10 disc springs of a non standard size that must operate above 500 degrees Celsius. You’re at your wits end, no one individual can help you, and nobody seems that interested. You struggle to get engineering input, cannot get commitment on delivery and they want to charge you an arm and a leg…
  4. You are full of energy, but not much sense, exploring the world on the bike you inherited from an older brother. Things break, that's life. Busy people are mean and don't have time for teenagers with no money, that's life too! Or is it, those people seem very different, they helped me and all they asked in return, was to help some stranger myself when next I can.
  5. You run a platinum ore processing plant; you were promised disc spring stacks that could handled extreme conditions. These have collapsed from induction heating, and you now have a furnace that is down, costing you millions a day. You think you might lose your job, and nobody seems to care….
  6. You have taken over a new power utility, the pressure release valves are robust, built to last, but manufactured by a German company that just doesn’t seem to exist any longer. The disc springs you need are not a standard size and the drawings you have are faded and you are uncertain of the precise operating parameters. It seems the only option is to replace everything, but that will take time and more money than your budget allows….
  7. You work in sourcing and have better things to do than get messed around and let down. You want a reasonably priced quality product that you know will be delivered when required and at a reasonable price….

No matter who you are or how complex or trivial your problem, there's no reason not to call or pop by for a discussion on how we can help.