Choosing Reliable Pressings as your business partner

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What Reliable Pressings does - our mission.

Reliable Pressings is a key player in specialist industry pressing operations in South Africa and caters to all non-standard fabrication needs. We have five lines of business:

Where only a few items are required in the production process, ie less than 100, laser cutting is more economical, but once the volumes pick up, because our single main expense is the cost of the die and toolmaking, the marginal cost of manufacturing incremental volumes is much lower than in laser cutting. We have managed to save many of our customers as much as 40% on their laser cutting with a finish which is of consistently superior quality.

What Reliable Pressings is known for.

We have decades of experience providing industrial pressings and manufacturing solutions to clients across many industries, both locally and internationally. This is indeed an instance where a picture says a thousand words. If you visit our image gallery, you will find examples of the enormously wide application of our pressing and hydrauliic solutions.