Welcome to our North American clients

Our introduction to our North Americcan clients took place when we were asked to tender for large engineering projects that they were implementing in Southern Africa. Whereas they had previously imported disc springs to the continent, they quickly saw the benefits of utilising our Concial Disc Spring Solutions and Services. The value we provide from both an engineering and manufacturing perspective is summarized as:

Serving the North American & US markets

We have gained significant recognition since awareness grew of our superior design, manufacture and support for the larger Group 3 - reduced thickness disc springs, using contact flats. To convince you, and for information on the critical difference our design makes, please refer to Key design considerations with large disc springs, for a summary on the manufacture of our disc springs, please refer to the manufacture of mission critical disc springs.

Reliable Pressings provides Conical Disc Spring design and manufacturing services and solutions to the international export market. Our clients fall into three distinct profiles

Whoever you are, you will have an insightful, professionl yet friendly interaction which appropriately deals with your needs.

We have a Belleville Washer and Concial Disc Spring Home Page, that will provide all information nneded to have an informed and constructive conversation with us.