Welcome to our International clients

Here's your opportunity to challenge popular belief, spitting image having a laugh at our expense.. There are some nice South Africans with a sense of humour but more importantly, who are competent, and who can add value to your business.

Serving the International export market

We have gained significant recognition since awareness grew of our superior design, manufacture and support for the larger Group 3 - reduced thickness disc springs, using contact flats. To convince you, and for information on the critical difference our design makes, please refer to Key design considerations with large disc springs, for a summary on the manufacture of our disc springs, please refer to the manufacture of mission critical disc springs.

Reliable Pressings exports various spring steel products, including conical disc springs to the UK, to cater for different applications and requirements. These are:

Meeting our client needs

Reliable Pressings has been providing specialist industrial pressing solutions and products for over 35 years, primarily in South Africa and we now export to the UK (as well as the USA & Holland). There are various important reasons for this:

We have five lines of business: