Reliable Pressings Health & Safety

Reliable Pressings is reviewing and refining its SHEQ Policy in line with the planned and imminent ISO45001:2018 accreditation.

Our Philosophy on Safety

It´s as simple as this. If you care about the delivery of quality products, delivered within time the frames promised, reliably and consistently, then you´d be a fool not to care about health and safety. But more importunately, Reliable Pressings is its people, enough said!

Management Leadership & Employee Participation

Management leadership and effective employee participation are vital for the success of our organisation and the morning huddles and team meetings place an emphasis on safety and awareness of hazards and the recognition of risk.


Planning is essential in identifying OHSMS issues such as hazards, risks, management system deficiencies and opportunities for improvement.

Implementation and Operation

The Reliable Pressings OHSMS pursues the objectives and agreed actions from the planning process through its main operational elements, namely:

We make on-going evaluations of performance through monitoring, measurement, assessment, audits, accident/incident investigations, and analysis. Preventative action is taken when opportunities for improvement are identified. Corrective Action is taken when non-conformance issues and Standard Operation Procedures failings are identified.

Management Review

Reviews are carried out by management who have the authority to make decisions about necessary actions and resources. We ensure that the necessary information is available for the team to evaluate the continuing suitability and effectiveness of the Reliable Pressings OHSMS.


The design and delivery of our learning programme will allow the workshop employees to achieve functional competency and embed a continuous improvement ethos in so far as Health and Safety practices are concerned. The following training is being rolled out in Reliable Pressings:

The Reliable Pressings OHS Goals and Compliance Checklist